besmette stad | the infected city



besmette stad | the infected city

Upon invitation by the Belgian TV program Ziggurat, Johan Grimonprez portrays the urban landscape of Brussels as a 'state of mind'. This short film zooms in on the interaction between film, performance, dance and literature during the festival Besmette Stad |The Infected City, organized by the Beursschouwburg. It features video-guerrillero Paul Garrin, choreographer Meg Stuart, filmmaker Pascal Baes, performance artist Alison Murray, and participants of a filmmakers’ workshop in Molenbeek, initiated by Francisca Lambrechts.

01. Video-Guerrilleros
fragment from 'Man with a Video Camera'
by Paul Garrin, 2min

02. Smell the flowers while you can
based on 'No Longer Readymade' by Meg Stuart, 3min directed by Johan Grimonprez
performed by Benoît Lachambre & Meg Stuart
with excerpts from 'Close to the Knives: A Memoir of Disintegration' (Vintage, 1991)
by David Wojnarowicz
music Hahn Rowe
voice Michael Sears
camera Carlos Akwaaka Mullins
editing Rachel Lamisse

03. Comment filmer Molenbeek?
Super-8 workshop in Molenbeek by Franciska Lambrechts
directed by Johan Grimonprez
films by workshop participants

04. 's Dinsdags...
compilation from 'Kissy Suzuki Suck' by Alison Murray, 3min